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Millennial Entrepreneur Woman

A Letter To All Millennial Women Beginning or On Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Dear Younger Version of Me, Here we are, age 33, looking back at your younger version, and enjoying knowing more than we did back then. You were a mess, really. […]

The ‘Roving Office’ – Working Remotely as an Entrepreneur

A roving office, you may ask? Well, by way of explanation, I’m currently writing this article from Starbucks, and it’s very possible that I won’t finish it here. Or maybe […]

Kathryn Minshew Entrepreneur

7 ‘Success Formulas’ from Kick-Ass Millennial Entrepreneurs

Looking at the list of the world’s richest people, you’d think that the business landscape hasn’t changed one bit in this century. With only one person on the list being […]

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