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10 Things You Should Know About Becoming a TrueToast Contributor

Become a TrueToast Millennial Entrepreneur Magazine Contributor

Are you a millennial entrepreneur who wants to share your thoughts and advice with TrueToast readers? Check out with post to learn what we are looking for and how to get started!

 1. Get to know TrueToast!

TrueToast Magazine is a digital resource of stories and advice from millennial entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers. We feature inspiring and educational stories to motivate millennials to pursue and thrive in entrepreneurship. TrueToast readers come from diverse industries, backgrounds, and levels of experience – but all share the desire to join the self-employed lifestyle.

Our most popular posts have been our exclusive Interviews, Marketing advice, Video content, and more. Check out our latest posts to join the conversation and see what TrueToast Magazine is all about.

2. Submit an Original Idea

Are you a millennial business owner, freelancer, entrepreneur, or thought-leader? If you have a unique perspective to share with our readers, pitch us an idea and submit a Guest Post! We value diverse opinions, stories, and expertise from a variety of industries.

3. Share Your Story

Perhaps you have an interesting backstory to share with our readers, on getting started in entrepreneurship and thriving in business. We want to hear from you! Feel free to Contact Us if you have an idea to share and we may select you for an interview!

Feeling inspired by another millennial entrepreneur that you know? Write about their story, record a podcast, or interview them and submit it to TrueToast! Just be sure to cite your sources and give credit where it is due.

4. Promote Your Resources

Are you a business blogger or content creator? Share your latest e-book, freebie, or PDF through TrueToast.com for added promotion. This is a great way to provide value to TrueToast readers!

5. Get Interviewed!

Do you think your business is top-notch and worthy to be featured in TrueToast Magazine? Tell us about yourself, your business, and your goals to be considered for an exclusive interview. You must have a polished product, business, or site, with press-ready images to be featured. Feel free to check out past Featured Posts for examples!

6. No Promotional Posts, Please!

TrueToast Magazine showcases informational stories and advice to help millennial entrepreneurs be successful in business. We do not accept any posts that are explicitly trying to promote one’s own business or sell services. To promote your business in this way, please Contact Us regarding a “Sponsored Post” at cost.

7. Submit Images for Free!

Though TrueToast Magazine does have our own paid photographers, we do except reader-contributed photography. Every image used will be credited to the photographer with a link back to their site. Please visit our Photography Page to learn more!

8. Share a Video or Podcast

We are always open to featuring video content and podcasts at TrueToast Magazine. If you would like to have a chat with one our team members on video or podcast, or share an informational video yourself, please Contact Us!

9. Get Your Service or Product Reviewed

Do you have an awesome service or product you would like us to feature on TrueToast.com? Contact Us with your pitch and we may review it on our site or social media pages!

10. Keep Value in Mind

For any type of content you would like to submit to TrueToast, keep in mind the value it can provide to TrueToast readers. All content should be able to relate to entrepreneurship and/or millennial life. How-To’s and informational stories are great in giving young entrepreneurs advice on how to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Still interested? Please visit our Contribute page to submit a guest post today!

Become a TrueToast Magazine Contributor

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