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4 Ways Being a Minimalist Will Help You Be a Better Entrepreneur

Minimalism in Entrepreneurship

There are two parts of my identity that have seemed to take over my life in the past 2 years: being a minimalist and being an entrepreneur. I would certainly not say that I am an “expert” on either one of these topics, but they are two of my greatest passions; two of the only things that I feel in every fiber of my being.

On the surface, it may not seem that these two different parts of me have much to do with one another. One is about cleaning out closets and donating clothes, while the other is about working hard and making a ton of money…Right?

However, when we actually explore what it means to be a minimalist and what it means to be an entrepreneur, we may find that the two actually go hand in hand.

Minimalism Meets Entrepreneurship

To me, being a minimalist does not mean that you have to live in a tiny house, get rid of your car, or even clean out your closet if you don’t want to. What it means is that you INTENTIONALLY create a more meaningful life with less distractions from what you find important.

Most of the time, this means limiting our material things but this is because it also rids us of mental clutter, unnecessary expenses, and wasted time. As minimalists, we choose a simple, happy life full of experiences and connection rather than things. Doesn’t sound so bad, huh?

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Incorporating Minimalism into Your Business

When I branched into entrepreneurship, I incorporated that foundation of minimalism into my business. I decided to really dive into what would make my work feel meaningful and important. I chose to pursue being an entrepreneur in order to craft my own life and incorporate more of the things that I feel passionate about into it. You may have heard this referred to as “Soul-Aligned Entrepreneurship” and YES it feels as good as it sounds.

So, is money still important? Of course! But, I deeply feel that when we add value to the marketplace, share things we truly care about, and help others improve their lives, the money will follow.

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Trading Cluttered Energy for Productive Energy

I quickly realized that these two pieces of my identity mirror one another quite well. In business, as well as in the other areas of my life, I chose to only give my time and energy to the things that I feel are meaningful and important, to the things that will positively impact my progress, to the things that will help me grow and blossom into the person I want to be. And, if you are still reading this, you may feel this way as well.

4 Ways to Apply Minimalism to Entrepreneurship

So, how exactly can being a minimalist help you crush it as an entrepreneur? Here are 4 ways that minimalism has helped me pursue things that I love and craft the life of my dreams over the past 2 years as a minimalist and an entrepreneur: LESS


Decluttering your life is the process of removing excess things that are just distracting you from what you find to be important. Clearing out your desk, defriending negative people on Facebook, and limiting time you spend on your cell phone are just a few ways that decluttering your life can get rid of distractions and thus, allow you to focus better. Better focus, means more targeted results in your business.


In order to be a minimalist who only gives your time and energy to what you find meaningful and important, you must first discover what it is that you find meaningful and important! Being a minimalist created the space to get to know myself better and make decisions from a much deeper, more soul-aligned place. This helped me so much when creating my business and crafting it to meet the lifestyle I wanted.


The better you get to know yourself, the greater clarity you will gain on the direction you want to take your business. I have found that the more clearly I can envision my goals and plans, the more confident that I am during the process. Confidence is key in being an entrepreneur and it is so much easier to be confident when you know exactly where you are headed… and why!


This is the formula that makes minimalism so amazing. Embracing minimalism as an entrepreneur can make your life and your systems so much simpler. As I began to truly value my time, I wanted to find the most efficient and fun way to do things. This encouraged me to come up with simple systems that would help my business run smoothly.

In doing this, I relieved myself of so much stress just by being organized and keeping it simple. It felt as though I had created time out of thin air by following these simple, sustainable systems and who doesn’t want more time in their life?!

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Minimalism and Entrepreneurship: a Way of Life

My love for minimalism goes so deep that it has intertwined itself in every part of my life: from my physical space, to my relationships, to my nutrition and fitness habits, to my career. I now only give my time and energy to things that are important and meaningful to me, to things that feel completely aligned.

I notice this more and more in the up and coming millennial generation- they care much more about purpose, passion, vision, giving back, and living a life that they love. THEY CARE about so much more than money and material things. This is the age of Soul-Aligned Entrepreneurship, of minimalism, of being simply happy and living a kickass life. Are you going to be a part of it?

Do you have questions about applying minimalism to your life? Leave your questions for Ashlee below!

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