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7 Millennial Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2018

Millennial Entrepreneurs in 2018

For some of us, 2017 was a STRUGGLE.

Whether the political drama got you down, the craziness that is reality TV, or watching some of our favorite public figures make some very questionable life choices, most of us can relate to the idea that 2017 could have been a *bit* better.

So, most of us are really looking forward to a New Year. 2018 offers the hope of new opportunities, areas for growth, and the potential of success. It is an open door to pursue the things we didn’t accomplish in 2017. And for many of us, that means finally taking that step into entrepreneurship.

Millennial Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2018

TrueToast Magazine reached out to some of our favorite millennial entrepreneurs to showcase their stories and how they expect to #ownit in 2018. Some of them are just starting out, and some of them have been killin’ the game for quite a while. For that added motivation to get you started on your entrepreneurial dreams, follow these rockstars into 2018!

Donald Spann



Donald T Spann Millennial Entrepreneur

Donald Spann has been trying and failing at business projects since he was 16 years old. After a career in sales and sales management, he became a partner at Rentobo, a Y-Combinator company based out of San Francisco in 2012. This company allowed Donald to focus on entrepreneurial projects without the distractions of a normal job. Rentobo eventually sold in 2016 to Gusto, a payroll processing company.

In addition to Rentobo, Donald has successfully started Companion Maids, a cleaning company in Chicago (acquired april 2017), Flashy Photo Booth (acquired august 2017), and a bunch of small projects in between.

Donald currently runs www.vickyvirtual.com, a Virtual Receptionist company with US-based agents for small businesses. He is also co-founder of www.carahelps.com, a Philippines based VA company for small businesses in primarily in the US but servicing clients worldwide.

Chizzy Igbokwe

Entrepreneur Chizzy Igbokwe

Chizzy Igbokwe has lived and worked all over the world.(Paris France, Chiang Mai Thailand, Anologa Ghana, Prague Czech Republic, and Johannesburg South Africa.) She has spoken on stages around the globe (NYU, US Embassy in Prague, P&G Toronto and much more).

The turning point in her career happened the day a voice said to her,

“You can continue to work on gaining international experience OR you can stop and help others build their own global career.”

At that moment she knew everything she had been afforded the opportunity to experience wasn’t for her. That day she learned the most valuable lesson of her career: your gifts are not for you, your pain is not for you.

As Chizzy began to coach clients to help them create the international career they’d been dreaming of, she kept hearing the same thing from everyone, “I don’t know where to start.”   She knew a lot of people that were thriving in the global career space – digital nomads, remote employees, expats, and jet-setters.  The challenge was they were all telling their stories on separate stages, she realized there was no central location someone could go to learn about who’s who and who’s doing what.  That’s when she knew this was so much bigger than her, or a business idea.

In her heart she knew it was her duty to bring all of these international professionals together on one  global stage to share the exact strategies needed to help you create a global career that you love! That breakthrough led her to create a global community where she partners with fellow global career creators to share their stories, actionable advice, and specific expertise.

Join the Global Community here: Create Your Global Career

Here is a bit more about the business and how Chizzy serves her clients – www.chizzyigbokwe.com

“We’re only as rich as our relationships.”  ~Chizzy

Luis Miramontes

Luis Miramontes is ‘The Bank’s Party Crasher’, and a struggling homeowner’s Plan D. He raises money from investors, so he can provide the funding and construction services to homeowners who are facing foreclosure, at no cost to the owner. He started teaching himself real estate policy about 2 years ago, after being inspired by the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

After a year of reading books, learning about the banking system and debt, listening to podcasts, and analyzing the MLS every Friday night, he met his mentor who would soon teach him for the next year. In that year, he learned a little about everything, including: assisted living facilities, foreclosures, redemption rights, wholesaling, and all the skills he would soon need for flipping houses.

He made about 1,000 cold calls, went on 10 site inspections, attended countless meetings and meet-ups, analyzed about 400 deals, and learned enough about the legal side of real estate to consider applying for law school. In May of 2017, he decided to fly solo, and has since done two flips with just $40 out of his own pocket.

He aims to close his 3rd and 4th flip before the end of December. His goals are to continue helping homeowners who don’t have the time, money, or resources to update their house and sell at a full price- retail value.

You can find out more about Luis and his business at MyNoRiskOffer.com, and on Facebook page at Facebook.com/noriskoffer

Dacotah Cook

Dacotah Cook - Artist

Dacotah Cook is a 25 year old visual artist & printmaker living in Olympia, Washington.  She attends The Evergreen State college, focusing her studies on printmaking and art history.  She cultivated a new found love of graphic arts and the medium of print over her years as an undergrad, deciding to pursue Printmaking as a major.  Over the last four years she took as many print courses as she could, learning the crafts of relief printing (wood block & linoleum cuts), intaglio (copper plate etching & engraving), screen printing, lithography (printing from stone), and hand-set type.  Dacotah currently works as a Studio Aide at Evergreen and sits on the college’s Arts Advisory Council, helping the college to buy and curate the artworks on campus.

Dacotah is dedicated to pursuing an interdisciplinary artistic practice, bridging the gap between mediums as often as she can, whether that means screen printing patterns onto ceramic tiles, bending neon frames for her prints, or blending the mediums of paint and print. With her arts-based business, Cicada Print, she creates and sells custom prints, paintings, and mixed media works.  You can catch her at various local fairs such as the Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival on Whidbey Island and Olympia Arts Walk.

You can find her business FB here: https://www.facebook.com/cicadaprintshop/
Her Art Portfolio: https://duhcoatuh.wixsite.com/portfolio
Her Etsy Page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CicadaPrint
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dacotah-cook-62b886152/

Andre Bland

Andre Bland is 29 and currently resides in Williamsburg, Virginia. He’s a co-creator and owner of International Illustration https://www.facebook.com/blacktiecaricatures/ and is in the process of launching website which will feature his online courses, products, and services.

He’s a former fitness professional, having placed 2nd in his first bodybuilding competition at 19 years of age with about 4 weeks prep time at the NASF Nationals. He grew up running and wrestling most of his life, then began wrestling in college, ran cross country, and drew caricatures.

His older brother, who is now deceased, Anthony Bland, is the person who got him into both chess and drawing at an early age. His brother used to win art contests and was a role model to him. He was one of the greatest artists Andre has ever known.

In 2012, Andre got started drawing caricatures with Kaman’s Art Shoppes at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. From there, the rest is history. He has grown and progressed so much since then, and feels it is time to pay it forward. With so many children asking him to teach them how to draw caricatures, and he decided to launch a platform where he can teach children to draw.

On the side, he writes and interviews people for Heroic Magazine, makes animated logos for clients, and has one online personal training client who is the 2017 Miss Globe United States. He doing a full fitness prep as she goes on to compete for the International title in January in China.

He’d like to give a shout out to Bob Crist, the former owner of NASF bodybuilding, who recently died, because he is the one who encouraged him to compete in bodybuilding at such an early age.

To reach out to Andre, please email him at andrebland101@gmail.com. Stay tuned for his new website, launching soon!

Kathryn Coffman

Kathryn Coffman is a 23 year old digital marketing strategist based in Olympia, Washington (about 70 miles south of Seattle) who started her business, Fashionably Frank Marketing in December of 2015, looking for a way to bridge her passions in social media and psychology for the greater good. Valuing the nonprofits and small businesses in her community, she wanted to help them attain social media success and bring them into the 21st century. The Fashionably Frank Marketing mission statement includes enabling clients to transcending overwhelm, discovering balance and leaving impact; she strives to meet these needs for every single client she comes into contact with.

Fashionably Frank Marketing originates as the sister brand of Fashionably Frank: The Lifestyle Blog, a blog for everyday women about everyday topics, written by Coffman and her co-writer Emma Crane. “Fashionably Frank” stands for living your life in a fashionable, yet honest and authentic manner. Coffman and Crane met working in fashion retail at their local mall while studying at a nearby college completing their Bachelor’s degrees. Carrying the meaning of Fashionably Frank over to her marketing business, Coffman wanted it to be clear that she was a millennial strategist marketing with a stylish flair and honest, organic content approach – no fake followers, no overly salesy pitches. These are two values that she holds close to her heart and that set her apart from her competition.

Making just under $1K/mo from a couple clients in April of 2017, Coffman took up Fashionably Frank Marketing full-time when she quit her desk job that she knew she wasn’t cut out for (growing up, even her dad used to tell her she was absolutely fit for being her own boss!). In the past 7 months, FFM has grown to work with an impressive lineup of clientele including Pacific Northwest favorite, Hands On Children’s Museum, media company NorthAmericaTalk, the Olympia Downtown Association and specialty coffee roaster Batdorf & Bronson, among many others. Just this month, Coffman brought on team member Kayla Lee to help in the graphic design and community engagement social media departments. With a growing business in both staff and clientele, the #1 goal Coffman has set for herself as 2017 comes to an end is to double in six figures by age 25, but anticipates to likely reach that goal closer to 24.

 Kathryn is an active, inspirational example of going after your greatest dreams and conquering your fears to achieve greatness. Just as one of her earliest mentors used to tell her: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” -Jack Canfield.

How will you conquer your fear today and every day to become the best version of yourself?

You can find Kathryn at her website: www.fashionablyfrankmarketing.com, as @fashionablyfrankmarketing on Instagram, on Facebook, and as @olymarketing on Twitter.

Braden WallakeBraden Wallake 

Braden Wallake (AKA The Shirtless Instagram Guy), is a digital nomad from Columbus, Ohio, USA. Current location is San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. His major hobbies are soccer, traveling, volleyball, hiking, and hanging out with his 4-legged best friend, Roscoe. His entrepreneur journey started about 5 years ago when he decided to quit his job as a bank teller and make it from there. He struggled a lot in the beginning, until recently when he started a company called HyperSoc1al. Originally HyperSoc1al was built around automatically growing targeted followers for businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers, etc on Instagram, but now, HyperSoc1al offers full Instagram management, Instagram content creation, and other amazing Instagram packages for businesses who don’t quite understand the crazy, topsy-turvy world of Instagram.

To find out more about Braden and his business, HyperSoc1al, check out the pages below:

Do you know a millennial entrepreneur that should be on this list? Mention them in the comments below!

7 Millennial Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2018

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