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Sorry, Entrepreneur Magazine — Millennials ARE Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Magazine 'Debunked' Cover

Last year, the well-known business magazine, Entrepreneur, published an op-ed titled, “Sorry, Millennials- You Are Not Entrepreneurs”. And, if you are a millennial entrepreneur yourself, you are likely cringing as hard as we are. The main takeaway from this article is that there is an entrepreneurial game to be played and that millennials simply don’t know the rules. That is, we don’t have an understanding of basic business concepts, and are lacking […]

Meet Martin Talvari – Myriad Event Founder & Global Entrepreneur [Interview]

Myriad Event Founder Martin Talvari

Martin Talvari has quite an interesting background. Having traveled to 82 countries and counting, he has been around the world and back growing his global brand and inspiring entrepreneurs far and wide. He has been featured in Forbes, on Tedx, and countless other media platforms. He has grown his business from just an idea to a worldwide movement. His passion and message are palpable. This year, he is bringing together countless […]

10 Time Management Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

Who ever said being an entrepreneur was easy? Though the appeal of entrepreneurship is often associated with “being your own boss” and “making your schedule”, these things are often easier said than done. Being your own boss comes with a slew of responsibilities, like prioritizing your own tasks, delegating, scheduling meetings, running a website, and more. Your schedule is likely variable as well, with weird hours, meetings throughout the day, […]

12 Best Business Mindset Quotes to Keep You Motivated

Business Mindset Quotes

Hustle. Grind. Work. Focus. All of these words and more have been used to relate to the typical entrepreneur “mindset”. Though hard work and determination are definitely components of success, the overwhelming message seems to be: Work your @ss of until you pass out. Definitely not the most sustainable (or healthy) mindset advice. 12 Business Mindset Quotes to Keep You on the Path to Success There’s a better solution out […]

How to Plan for the Unplanned

How to Plan for the Unplanned

In business and in life, sometimes things don’t always go according to planned. Traffic is worse than you thought it would be. Your car won’t start. You come down with a nasty cold the day of your meeting. It happens to all of us, and these instances can be frustrating. They can throw us off our game, cause us to make even more mistakes, or simply put us in a […]

(Thnx)Giving: Holidays in the Age of Social Media

Thanksgiving Social Media

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving, everyone! You may be wondering why this post didn’t go live until the day after Thanksgiving. Well, for one, holidays with family tend to be a little hectic. Finding time to stay on top of social media during the holidays can be a struggle, especially as a busy-ness owner. Second, if your family is anything like mine, your phone will be snatched right out of your hands […]

How to “Market to Millennials”: What Marketers Get Wrong

Blog: How to Market to Millennials

Recently I published a post on titled “Marketing to Millennials: You’re Doing it Wrong”. I got a lot of feedback about the post, as it seemed to resonate with a lot of millennials (and others). The problem with a lot of these “How to Market to Millennials” posts are that they lump “millennials” all into one category. They base their opinions off of stereotypes instead of actual data. They […]

10 Things You Should Know About Becoming a TrueToast Contributor

Become a TrueToast Millennial Entrepreneur Magazine Contributor

Are you a millennial entrepreneur who wants to share your thoughts and advice with TrueToast readers? Check out with post to learn what we are looking for and how to get started!  1. Get to know TrueToast! TrueToast Magazine is a digital resource of stories and advice from millennial entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers. We feature inspiring and educational stories to motivate millennials to pursue and thrive in entrepreneurship. TrueToast readers […]

Millennials, Toast, and How This Magazine Came to Be

TrueToast Magazine Launch Post

It’s November 1st, the official launch date of TrueToast Magazine. For me, this date represents the start of putting ideas to action, forging new relationships, and representing the amazing things being done by my generation. To say this project came to be from a little idea would be an understatement. It came to be from a combination of my many passions, grievances, and aspirations. Not only does TrueToast Magazine aim […]

What to Do When You Get Dumped by Your “Dream Job”

Dumped by Your Dream Job - Woman Walking

Early in 2017 I began working at what I considered to be my “dream job”. It was a digital marketing agency based in the city, with benefits, a good salary, and awesome coworkers. I had the freedom to share my own creative ideas, start projects, and contribute to my learning. I enjoyed going to work every day, and I couldn’t foresee leaving in the next 2 years, let alone in […]