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Overcoming Pain Through Art: Sabika’s Story

Overcome Pain Through Art

Hello, I am Sabika. I am originally from Pakistan, now living in London. — I am a chartered accountant by profession with a love for art. Whenever I used to get any free time since as long as forever, I used to draw and paint. My friends and family had always been a really huge support and motivation in taking up my arts to bigger and public levels, but I had […]

How This ‘Caffeine Candy’ is Revolutionizing Your Morning Pick-Me-Up

Caffeine Candy - Cherry Bomb

What’s the perfect marriage between the ‘sweet tooth’ and a caffeine junkie? A caffeinated candy that keeps you going, even without your morning cup of joe. Introducing ‘Cherry Bomb’, an invention by the makers at The Caffeine Co. that satisfies that craving for an energizing boost. We reached out to the owners, Josh and Harry, to find out more about this amazing product, how they came up with the idea, […]

7 Millennial Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2018

Millennial Entrepreneurs in 2018

For some of us, 2017 was a STRUGGLE. Whether the political drama got you down, the craziness that is reality TV, or watching some of our favorite public figures make some very questionable life choices, most of us can relate to the idea that 2017 could have been a *bit* better. So, most of us are really looking forward to a New Year. 2018 offers the hope of new opportunities, […]

From ‘Street Thug’ to Entrepreneur: an Interview with Nilton Serva [Video]

From “street thug” to entrepreneur, Nilton Serva proves that even those in the worst of circumstances can find freedom in entrepreneurship. At 20 years old, Nilton has made a name for himself as the CEO of SERVAMEDIA, a fast-growing tech and media company. Through his story, he hopes to teach millennials and others how to build their business and personal development skills. “Entrepreneurship saved my life, because there’s nothing else […]

The Love Tea Company: an Interview with Julie Costello

Love Tea Company Interview

1 in 5 Americans experience mental illness every year.  Julie Costello of Love Tea Company aims to change that. Julie believes that a good cup of tea can bring us together. Emphasizing the concept “purposeful purchasing”, Love Tea Company is committed to donating 25% of net profits to the Flagg Foundation of Mental Wellness. Her company combats the stigma around mental illness, and provides funds for those in need. Love […]

How Tiny House Living Creates Less Space, More Freedom: an Interview with Ashlee Fazio

Inside Ashlee's Tiny House

Drawn to the appeal of a more minimalistic and simplistic life, more people have been opting to create a tiny home of their own. Known as the “Tiny House Movement”, this community of free spirits are building and buying small homes in order to live a life free of physical and mental clutter. As this movement grows, more and more people are being taken by the idea of downsizing their […]