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How To Avoid Burnout as a Millennial Entrepreneur

Avoiding Entrepreneur Burnout

Have you been feeling overwhelmed or exhausted ever since you jumped into this entrepreneurial world?

Do you put off your other priorities because you lack time and energy?

The Good & Bad of Being Your Own Boss

One of the most appealing aspects of being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have to work for anyone else. As exciting and liberating as it is to be your own boss, it can also be stressful, exhausting and overwhelming at times!

When I first started my coaching business I was still working my corporate job 40+ hours a week as a Sales Executive. I thought I could just add on this new full-time gig and maintain everything else I had going on without any change. Boy, was I wrong.

Since I work from home and make my own schedule, I found excuses to be working at all hours of the day and even through most of the night. It’s like I turned on this ‘Small Business Owner’ mindset and didn’t realize it was running 24/7. I was passionate and excited, but had no idea that my habits were setting me up for a serious burnout!

I spent SO much time in front of a screen editing my website, stalking potential clients on social media, and looking for new ways to market myself. I always answered my phone if it rang just in case of the slight chance it was a potential client. I was so connected to my technology that it had become an extension of my body and was consuming all of my time and energy.

Time For a Change

A few weeks after I started my business I received a reality check when my boyfriend politely asked if we could spend a few hours together WITHOUT our phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Until then, I hadn’t even realized how much it had consumed me.

I went to the beach {my happy place} to clear my head and figure out how to be successful without working so many hours. I brainstormed new ways to make my business sustainable for the long run without ruining my relationships or health along the way.

I started paying more attention to how often I was on my phone or computer when I was around other people, and decided to cut back on my use. I started taking more time to meditate and be outside to think more clearly.  I implemented a few other peaceful habits to create balance and maintain my health.

Shaina Mason - Millennial Entrepreneur


Healthy Business Habits that Create Balance

As you’re riding the waves of millennial entrepreneurship, it’s important to do the little things to find balance in the midst of it all. The key to avoiding burnout is listening to yourself and avoiding burnout at all stages of the process. Below I outline some key ways you can take care of yourself along the way.

1. Create Realistic, Yet ‘Stretchy’ Goals

You need to know what you’re working towards to keep you motivated through the stressful times. Your goals should be attainable but also make you a little uneasy. Break them down into yearly, monthly and weekly goals and post them somewhere you can review daily.

Goals for this year:

  • Publish my first book
  • Host a series of Happiness Exposed Rubies events
  • Sign 30 new coaching clients
  • Encourage 50+ people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle

Goals for this month:

  • Write 2 chapters for my book
  • Host 1 Rubies event
  • Sign 5 new clients
  • Create an easy-to-follow nutrition plan

Goals for this week:

  • Journal 5 pages of notes for book
  • Create facebook invite for event
  • Have 3 enrollment calls with new clients
  • Research nutrition plans to find a cohesive layout

Get Focused

2. Get Focused

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of how to grow your business. The harsh truth is if you take on too many, you’ll spread yourself too thin and hit total burnout.

What is the real reason you created this company? Create a business purpose that you can easily remind yourself of and share with others. Who is your ideal client? Get very specific! Don’t waste your time chasing after people who don’t fit that category.

Purpose: To spread awareness of a peaceful way to live and empower others to

create a purpose-driven life filled with abundance and happiness.

Ideal Clients: Young, sensitive, female millennials who want to make a difference in

the world and have not yet realized their power. I call them Rubies 🙂

3. Outsource Whenever Possible

 Does it take you 4 hours to edit your marketing images? Hire an intern or an assistant! There are plenty of people looking for work and experience who would much rather be doing those menial tasks and can probably get them done more efficiently and better! Focus your energy on the things you’re good at.

It takes me a ridiculous amount of time to make simple adjustments on my website, so I asked my tech-savvy best friend to help me revamp it this year. I am also looking to hire a personal assistant to help me manage my social media and my affiliate marketing accounts because I would rather focus my energy on my passion: coaching.

Outsource Entrepreneur Help

4. Set a Schedule

This is extremely important for all you busybodies- you want to create a limit to how many hours you are working so you don’t get burned out. You don’t have to follow it strictly, but at least you will have a guideline for when you should be focusing on something else.

I schedule 3-4 hour blocks each day to work on my business and I take one day off a week. I make sure to schedule all my coaching calls between these hours whenever possible.

5. Make Time for Fun

What do you like to do for fun? Make a list of all the activities that relieve stress for you and set aside time each week to do at least one! The happier you are the more people will be attracted to you and want to work with you.

I love to cook, so I make time to create delicious plant-based recipes and share them with the people I love!

6. Celebrate Your Successes

Acknowledge yourself when you have a win! No matter how big or small it may seem! Take time to reflect on what you did right to get you to achieve that success. Did you do something different this time to make that sale?

Whenever I make a big sale I buy myself something that I wouldn’t normally spend money on like a new dress or a healing crystal. I also usually brag to a few of my friends and family since they are extremely supportive, and they cheer me on just like I do when they are successful!

Avoiding Entrepreneur Burnout - at the beach


7. Take a Break

 Plan a vacation – you deserve it! It is SO necessary to take breaks from your business. If you take a mental break you can come back refreshed and look at things with a new perspective. It doesn’t have to be a long or expensive trip, just take time to get away and disconnect.

I took a weekend cruise to the Bahamas with my boyfriend to clear my head, and when I came back I had an outline for a new book and a new idea for a coaching course.

What habits have you implemented that keep you motivated and balanced? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Avoid Burnout as a Millennial Entrepreneur

4 thoughts on “How To Avoid Burnout as a Millennial Entrepreneur

  1. This is SO good! It is so easy to get caught up in the craziness of trying to make your business successful that you end up totally draining yourself! I’m currently working on setting goals for myself the way you mentioned- realistic, but stretchy. Your example of the goals you are setting for yourself and how you broke it all down into year, month, and week was super helpful to see!😊 -Anna from SimplySagastume

  2. Great post. I completely agree with the need to take a break and prioritise fun. I think anyone who has the guts to take the plunge into entrepreneurship is already the type of person that’s likely to get consumed by work and not take breaks.

    I know I am. and it didn’t take long for me to burnout. Now, I always remind myself to celebrate my wins and take time off to spend time with loved ones. I actually took 4 months off recently as an impromptu mini-retirement hahaha

  3. I’m loving this blog post so much! As a creative freelancer I find it so easy to get caught up in the stresses of running a business and can feel burnt out. Loving your advise and tips to stay focused and working at our best! Thanks so much!

    Allegra xx
    (Fellow Boss Girl Blogger)

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