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Best Facebook Page Settings to Utilize for Your Business

Facebook Settings for Businesses

As an administrator of several Facebook pages, I know it can be hard to keep up with the constant changes from Facebook. Honestly, it can feel downright overwhelming, so much so that you might even be too hesitant to create a page from scratch. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this post, we will address the Top Four Facebook Page Settings to take your business to the next level.

What Makes Me a Facebook Expert?

You might be wondering if I’m qualified to give you advice about your Facebook page. The short answer is yes. I’ve worked in social media and content marketing since 2010. I also provide social media training and consulting through the small business my husband and I co-own, King Lincoln Studio. We run Facebook pages for a handful of small businesses all year round, including our own. When it comes to a business Facebook page set up, I know the settings you should check to ensure you’re reaching your target audience and managing your page efficiently.

Do Facebook Page Settings Really Matter?

If you want to be found in more Facebook searches, then Facebook page settings are important. The settings area also has some hidden gems that can help you be more efficient when scheduling posts and using Facebook messenger. In my opinion, taking 15 minutes to review the below key areas is worth it!

So, let’s get started…

The Top Four Facebook Page Settings to Utilize for Your Business

1. Audience Optimization

For Facebook pages, it’s all about post reach. You’re trying to do just about anything to get more eyeballs on your Facebook posts. Speaking of, did you know that Facebook page posts reach an average of 2% of your followers (read more here from Hubspot)? That means that if you have 1,000 page followers, your post is being shown to only 20 people!

Sounds like quite the uphill battle, right? One thing I would suggest is using Facebook’s Audience Optimization. With Audience Optimization turned on, your page can target posts to a specific audience.

For example, you could target your posts to:

  • A certain age group or gender
  • People with specific interests
  • People living in a certain location (great for brand pages with multiple store locations)

Plus, Facebook even says that using Audience Optimization makes it more likely for people in your target to see your post.

Audience optimization view on Facebook page

To enable Audience Optimization, make sure you can target a post by finding the Audience Optimization Setting and turning it on. Look for it under Settings, General, and Audience Optimization for Posts. Once enabled, you should see a bullseye icon below the post text when you’re creating a new post.

Targeting a Facebook post to a preferred audience

2. Messenger

1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month. If you don’t allow people to contact your business through Facebook Messenger, you’re missing out. It’s easy to enable private messaging to your Facebook page on and use the Messaging settings to help respond.

To receive Facebook messages to your page, go to Settings, General, and Messages. From here, click the Edit button and check the box to allow people to contact your page through Messenger.

Changing Facebook page messaging settings

I also like to use Facebook Messaging settings to create automated responses when I can’t reply to a message right away. Find these options by going to Settings and then choose Messaging from the menu on the left. Then click on Response Assistant at the top of the page.

Here you’ll see several automated response options:

  • Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page – Sends an automated response every time you received a new message to your Facebook page. Use the button on the right to turn this feature on or off and click the change button to customize your message.
    Send instant replies to anyone who messages your Facebook page

  • Stay responsive when you can’t get to your computer or phone – Sends an automated response to messages you receive during hours you’ve indicated you are not available. For example, if your business is only open from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., you can set up a message to respond before and after these hours to let customers know you’ll get back to them shortly.

    Use the button on the right to turn this feature on and off. Click the change button to customize your message and set available hours through the Schedule tab.
    Send instant replies to anyone who messages your Facebook page when you're not available.

  • Show a Messenger Greeting – Shows an automated greeting to anyone who begins a new Facebook message with you. Use the button on the right to turn this feature on or off and click the change button to customize your message.
    Create an automated greeting for your Facebook page messenger

3. Templates and Tabs

While you may not be able to customize everything on your Facebook page, you can use Facebook’s Templates and Tabs to make sure your followers see what’s most relevant to your business.


Templates are pre-created buttons and tab settings designed by Facebook to help your page. Buttons cover the types of actions people can take on your page and appear below the large photo (cover photo) at the top of your Facebook page.

Tabs help people navigate to different areas of your Facebook page and are listed on the left side of your page under your profile picture.

Facebook page tabs

Specific Templates have been designed for businesses, shops, venues, nonprofits, services, restaurants, and video creators. If you’re unsure about which call to action, tabs, or tab order make sense for your business, I’d suggest using a template.

Special Note: If you’re wondering what each of the different tabs do, you’ll find definitions within Settings.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences between each type of template:

Template Type Buttons Tabs
Business Unlike, Follow, Save, Recommend Home, Posts, Groups, Reviews, Videos, Photos, About, Community, Offers, Jobs
Shopping & Retail Unlike, Follow, Save, Recommend Home, Posts, Reviews, Photos, Shop, Offers, Groups, Community, Videos, Events, About
Venues Unlike, Follow, Save, Recommend, Learn More Home, Events, Reviews, About, Videos, Photos, Posts, Jobs, Community
Nonprofits Unlike, Follow Home, About, Events, Photos, Videos, Community, Groups, Reviews, Jobs, Posts
Services Unlike, Follow, Save, Recommend Home, Services, Reviews, Shop, Offers, Photos, Videos, Posts, Events, About, Community, Jobs
Restaurants & Cafes Unlike, Follow, Save, Recommend, Call Now Home, Photos, Reviews, Offers, Posts, Videos, Events, About, Community, Jos
Video Creators Unlike, Photo, Share Home, Live Videos, Videos, Photos, About, Community

To enable a template for your Facebook page, you’ll need to apply one from the Edit Page section. Look for it under Settings and Edit Page in the menu on the left side of the page. From here look for the Templates heading and click the Edit button to open a new window that lists all Facebook page templates. To apply a new template, click the View Details button and then the Apply Template button.

Changing your Facebook page template

Turning Specific Tabs On and Off

If you want to customize your tabs even more, you can add, remove, or reorder them from the Tabs heading. You’ll also find this option in the Edit Page section.

Customizing your Facebook page tabs

  • To add a tab – Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add a Tab button. Find the tab you want to add from the list and click the Add Tab button.
  • To remove a tab – Scroll to the list of tabs currently used on your Facebook page. Find the tab you want to remove from the list and click the Settings button. If the tab can be removed, slide the button on the right from On to Off. Click the Save button. These tabs cannot be removed from your Facebook page: About, Videos, Photos, Posts and Community.
  • To reorder tabs – Scroll to the list of tabs currently used on your Facebook page. Find the tab you want to move and click on the three lines to the left of the tab name. Hold and drag the tab to where you’d like it to appear in the list. Tabs appear in order from top to bottom on your Facebook page.

4. About

Want to be found in more Facebook searches? Update the About on your Facebook page. This area includes some of the most searched for information on Facebook, like contact info, hours and location.

The About section of your Facebook page

Several different sections make up About, but here are the most important fields:

  • Category – Your Facebook page category plays an important role in search results. You can choose up to three categories. Make sure the most relevant category is listed first since that one is pulled over to your Instagram page from your Facebook page settings.
  • Contact Info – Fill in every field possible with your contact information. Examples include phone number, street address, email address, website, social channels, and business hours.
  • About, Products, & Story – These are open text fields that allow you to describe your business. You’ll want to make sure that you’re using the same words across these three fields, including any SEO keywords you are targeting, to help boost search results.

How To Update the About Section: Editing your page is actually done on the page itself and not in Settings. Go to your Facebook Page and click on the About tab. Then choose Edit Page Info from the right side under your cover photo. To edit a specific field, hover over the field and click the blue Edit text that appears.

Now you’re practically a Facebook Page Settings expert. Congrats!

If you’d like even more details about the setup of your Facebook Page, I’d recommend these additional resources:

Have more questions? Leave them in the comments and I’ll follow up!

Best Facebook Page Settings

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