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The Best Place for Millennials to Go on Holiday!

Mantaray Island Resort

Holidays are about taking time out to relax, unwind and these days, unplug. 

Holidays are about experiencing new cultures.

Holidays are about making memories not just for Instagram-worthy selfies and posts. 

Holidays are about trying new food (and not having to cook it yourself)

Holidays are about sipping exotic cocktails in exotic holidays.

Whether you need a break from your regular job or need a holiday away from that entrepreneur grind, everyone can use a vacation from time to time!

Check out this TrueToast reader submission on her favorite place to go on holiday! 

Tips for Choosing the Best (Millennial) Holiday Spot

Ready to finally take that vacation? Here are some tips for choosing the best holiday destination for you, plus one of our favorites!

1. Unplug 

Millennials are the first generation to live their entire life connected to the internet. Our first tip is to travel to a destination where there’s barely a cafe or restaurant with free Wi-Fi. Don’t buy a pre-paid SIM on arrival at the airport. Enjoy your 10 mins of free Wi-Fi at the airport and then consciously disconnect. 

Don’t pay the usual high daily internet charges at your resort. Get back to basics without the internet. Recently, I’ve seen travelers asking questions about the best standard digital camera to take on holidays. Why? Because they don’t want to take their phone and be tempted to get online.

Be in the moment, connect with nature, yourself, family and friends. It’s likely to feel weird at first – but most people comment that it doesn’t take long before they feel different, sleep better, and are glad to have unplugged. Heck, they even enjoy themselves!

2. Go Wild 

Snorkeling Holiday in Fiji

Travel to a developing nation and see how others live in a world less developed. Go to a place where often the most modern technology is a mobile phone.

For example, there’s plenty of urban areas in Fiji, but many Fijians live in remote villages where the only source of power is a small generator with enough diesel to power a water pump for their daily supply of water, let alone a mobile phone.

Don’t worry though, this won’t be the case at your resort – unless you choose it!

3. Get Outdoors 

Scuba Diving Holiday

Step away from the computer, leave the city and choose an activity you’ve never done before and go for it!

Swim with the manta rays, snorkel with clownfish or learn to dive.

Swimming with the manta rays is breathtaking. I know because I’ve done it many times and I keep going back for more! This is definitely a memory worth making.

4. Connect for Real


Millennial Beach Holiday

Connect with people from around the world in real life. Many of you will have friends from all over the world. Traveling outside of your home country will mean you meet new people and experience new cultures in person. Many a lifetime friend has been made from randomly connecting with new people who quickly become friends while on holiday.

All of this and more can be experienced in Fiji. Experience the awesome sense of community in Fiji. Be welcomed into the hearts and home of Fijians.  Fiji is a tiny nation made up of over 330 islands plonked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s an easy 10-hour flight from LAX.

From the minute, you step onto the Fiji Airways flight you’ll feel like you’re on holidays.

My Favorite Millennial Holiday Destination

Mantaray Island Resort Holiday

My favorite island destination is Mantaray Island Resort – I know and have been to many islands and resorts in Fiji because I live here! No, not every day is like a holiday as you might imagine but when it comes to the weekend, it very much the paradise you’re imagining in your head right now.

So come on over, I’ll show you around!

Have questions about planning your ideal holiday? Leave them in the comments below!

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