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From Domestic Violence Survivor to Inspirational Businesswoman

From Beaten and Broken to Inspirational Business Woman

It was December 2009. After months of drug-fueled abuse during my second pregnancy, I felt exhausted and broken. I lay in bed and didn’t want to get up. The words of my abuser words washed over me.

“Stop being so lazy. Get up!” 

“You’re useless!”

“No one else is going to put up with you and your crap”

“You won’t cope on your own. You can’t even look after one kid, how are you going to look after two?”

It was no surprise I became depressed, suicidal, and devoid of confidence and self-esteem. My dreams of becoming a businesswoman were shattered, and my future as a single mother of two small children appeared bleak.

From Psychological Abuse to Freedom
“I hid my truth behind a smile.”

Choosing a Better Future for Myself, and My Family

Mustering every ounce of grit I could summon, I escaped my nightmare. I made a conscious decision to rebuild myself to create an amazing future for my family. It was a dramatic transformation, where I discovered happiness, success, and motivation to make an impact on the world.  I worked solidly on my mindset, building my inner strength, finding forgiveness, and discovering gratitude for my experiences.

Personal development contributed greatly to my growth as an inspirational businesswoman. This strength and determination has led me to become an author, successful business strategist, and mindset coach for female entrepreneurs.

I now help women overcome fears, share their message with the world, and develop their business to enable a freedom lifestyle.

Creating a Successful and Inspirational Story

I’ve recently published my first book, Domestic Violence on Ice: How I Transformed my Shattered Dream into a Happy and Inspirational Story. 50% of the earning from this book go toward helping victims of domestic violence in New Zealand– my home country. I wrote this book to help struggling women find their light and show them that they can have it all. I believe if I can do it, there’s no reason others can’t too.

I’m now writing my second book about creating the future you desire. This work will be very unique and examine our opportunity to dramatically change the world’s future. I’ve also contributed a chapter to a co-authored book with some other very inspirational entrepreneurs. Both books will be published in 2018.

Helping Women Find Their Power

Today I help women develop strategies for their freedom business. This enables them to create a freedom-filled future, which is something I truly believe in. I know women are capable and ready to create their own business opportunities that work around family lifestyles. Women no longer need to feel trapped in low paying part-time jobs just because that’s all they believe are available. It’s time to take ownership of our lives, and steer them in the direction we want to go.

Melissa Wiringi - Inspirational Businesswoman
I have created a career out of helping women reach their full potential.

The Future of Work for Millennial Mothers

I believe the internet is a wonderful medium for us to use our passions and talents to earn an income. It is also a great opportunity for women to create a lifestyle that provides far more quality time with their families. As millennials, we are truly blessed to have these opportunities!

To the women who want to make a difference, but feel confined by society’s expectations of juggling work and home life in one location, I say, there are many opportunities available to create a business, unlock your potential, and allow you to shine. It’s not only about making money to survive, it’s about creating a future for you and your family to enjoy, while also
making your mark on the world.

As a millennial parent, it is my job to show other women and mothers they can create the life they dream of. In doing so, we can all rapidly change the future for families, and the world.

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From Beaten and Broken to Inspirational Businesswoman

14 thoughts on “From Domestic Violence Survivor to Inspirational Businesswoman

  1. Melissa’s story is truly inspiring. For her to not only turn around her own situation but to use those lessons to help empower other women is beautiful.

    I wish you the best of luck with your business and your second book, Melissa!

    1. Thank you for your comment Erika, yes, definitely found strength and showing my daughter what it means to be strong, with confidence, love and self respect. It was a great lesson for me to learn and I only hope I can pass on my lessons to as many as possible!

  2. Wow, well done. You have so much courage, I respect what you have done. Keep up the good work blogging and I wish you much success!

  3. First of all, thank you for being brave enough to share your story- not just through this post but with all the women you help and inspire! God bless you for doing so! Your strength and courage are truly commendable! Such an inspiration!

    1. Hi Tisha, thank you for you comment, and I’m truly blessed to be in a position to inspire others to make changes for the better! I’m very happy to walk this journey if it means I might make a difference to someone else’s life!

  4. I love this. You are doing a very important thing by sharing this perspective because it is much more common place than people want to admit. I am so glad you found your inner strength to start your business and be the best you. I don’t know you but I am glad I came across your post. I am happy for you.

    1. Hi Danie, thank you, and yes, I love your comment. It is so much more common than people care to admit. I definitely feel even more empowered by sharing because I notice by doing so, many other women have chosen to speak up. The more of us sharing our stories, the easier this difficult conversation becomes! I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you again!

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