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8 Female Entrepreneurs That Inspire the Next Generation of Innovators

Female Entrepreneurs

Good news for 2018, folks! Feminism, which is historically defined by Merriam-Webster as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes,” is in the air. Not only is it in the air from a social perspective, but also, it’s progressing in the workplace and in the entrepreneurial sphere. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t see the reality, as we have a long way to […]

Meet Martin Talvari – Myriad Event Founder & Global Entrepreneur [Interview]

Myriad Event Founder Martin Talvari

Martin Talvari has quite an interesting background. Having traveled to 82 countries and counting, he has been around the world and back growing his global brand and inspiring entrepreneurs far and wide. He has been featured in Forbes, on Tedx, and countless other media platforms. He has grown his business from just an idea to a worldwide movement. His passion and message are palpable. This year, he is bringing together countless […]

How to Choose a Planner that Fits Your Business Needs

Ever buy something online, just to be disappointed that it wasn’t *quite* what you expected? Often times, we buy things because they look pretty, because they have good reviews, or because our friends said they were da bomb. But when it comes to planners (ya know, those little books that keep your whole life in check?), we can’t afford to choose a book by it’s cover. Finding a Planner that […]

8 Ways to Be Successful (and Happier) in 2018

Happy and Successful in 2018

2018 is no longer around the corner, it is finally here. And if you’re like me, you’re thinking, “How the hell is it 2018 already?!?!” As we reflect on years past, we realize how fast time moves. Some of us are excited to be starting out on a new path, some of us are struggling with our current situation, and others are completely lost. As we get older and wiser, […]

7 Millennial Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2018

Millennial Entrepreneurs in 2018

For some of us, 2017 was a STRUGGLE. Whether the political drama got you down, the craziness that is reality TV, or watching some of our favorite public figures make some very questionable life choices, most of us can relate to the idea that 2017 could have been a *bit* better. So, most of us are really looking forward to a New Year. 2018 offers the hope of new opportunities, […]

7 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season as an Entrepreneur

Give Back This Holiday Season

I believe that it’s very important, no matter your profession, to give back to your community on a year-round basis. It doesn’t have to be near to Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday in order for you to make an impact. However, the holiday season is still the ‘season of giving’. And while it’s important to give of yourself 12 months a year, there is something very special about giving […]

Validate Your Business Idea with These 7 Steps

So you want to start a business. Congratulations, and welcome to entrepreneurship! Having a business idea is the first step in making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Though, you may have a flurry of questions in your head about getting started, being successful, or if your idea is any good in the first place. You may be looking for validation on whether your idea can actually become a viable business, […]

From ‘Street Thug’ to Entrepreneur: an Interview with Nilton Serva [Video]

From “street thug” to entrepreneur, Nilton Serva proves that even those in the worst of circumstances can find freedom in entrepreneurship. At 20 years old, Nilton has made a name for himself as the CEO of SERVAMEDIA, a fast-growing tech and media company. Through his story, he hopes to teach millennials and others how to build their business and personal development skills. “Entrepreneurship saved my life, because there’s nothing else […]

The Love Tea Company: an Interview with Julie Costello

Love Tea Company Interview

1 in 5 Americans experience mental illness every year.  Julie Costello of Love Tea Company aims to change that. Julie believes that a good cup of tea can bring us together. Emphasizing the concept “purposeful purchasing”, Love Tea Company is committed to donating 25% of net profits to the Flagg Foundation of Mental Wellness. Her company combats the stigma around mental illness, and provides funds for those in need. Love […]

5 Essential Steps to Quitting Your Job and Traveling the World

planning to travel the world

So you want to travel the world. Sounds too good to be true, right? Or maybe even impossible? Perhaps you have a steady job, but it is holding you back from fully letting go and traveling long term. The idea of leaving financial security may seem intimidating. You list the “What Ifs” in your head, but ultimately, you can’t deny the call to travel the world.  If we can do […]