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How to Choose a Planner that Fits Your Business Needs

Ever buy something online, just to be disappointed that it wasn’t *quite* what you expected?

Often times, we buy things because they look pretty, because they have good reviews, or because our friends said they were da bomb.

But when it comes to planners (ya know, those little books that keep your whole life in check?), we can’t afford to choose a book by it’s cover.

Finding a Planner that Can Handle Your Business

Answer this question: Does the cuteness of the cover help you achieve your goals? 

We are guessing that the answer of that is No.

The purpose of a planner is to organize your goals and keep you accountable to them. It’s the inside that counts. Therefore, in this post, we will help you choose the layout that will best suit your lifestyle so you can set goals and take action!

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Business Planner

How to Find the Right Planner to Meet Your Business Needs

This article is going to be your guide to picking the best planner to suit your lifestyle. No matter what goal you have in life, you will achieve it  – of course, with actions planned inside the planner that you’ve picked to suit your business needs!

How Can I Help?

I am a full-time student on a full-time digital marketing internship at a corporate SaaS B2B company. My role is very demanding in terms of content creation. I work 9am – 6pm every weekday. I workout on a daily basis, I cook for myself, and above all that, I am still able to make time for my business. So far so good! My secret to making everything possible is choosing a planner layout that fits my lifestyle.

Business Planner Schedule

Choosing a Planner Layout that Suits Yours Schedule

There are various kinds of inserts to look out for that organize the time slots in a planner. Below, we will examine a couple of them, making note of the benefits of each. Along the way, keep in mind what your schedule is like and what may work best for you.

Work by the Hour

Are you a really busy bee and likes to visually see how the day ahead of you is going to look? The best hourly planner is Passion Planner. In terms of the price, it is always on sale – you will know this if you follow them on Instagram and they are also very affordable compared to other planners that provide the exact same layout. At the beginning of the month, you will have a monthly calendar layout where you can take notes of any important dates of the month. At the end of each month, it has a monthly review section which is useful for you if you are looking to really achieve your goals and work on things you have been meaning to work on. The reflection for each month will help you identify the issues within the previous month and what you should focus on within the next month.

Work by the List

If you work by the list, you can use any notebooks at all. This is for you if you are flexible with time but you know that there are several tasks that needs to be done on the day. You just have to note the task down in the notebook and cross it out once you have done the task. If you would like to be more organized, you can  draw a box in front of the task and tick it off once the task has been completed, drop a date on top of the page to identify that those are tasks for that day specifically. If you have a deadline, you can also have a deadline section drawn on the page. You can pretty much do this in a style that you like. If you want a personal planner then there are many affordable planners out there that just offer lines as a layout for you to plan your goals and take actions towards achieving your goals!

Week Planner

Work by the Illustrations

If you are a creative individual and loves illustration then there are planners with plain pages for you to illustrate and visualize your day. You are able able to set your imagination free and the bonus of that is you will finish off your year with a bloody beautiful memory to look back to and be proud that you have achieved your goals based on those beautiful illustrations of yours.

Bullet Journal

If you have a creative soul and likes to have everything in your own style then I would recommend bullet journal as you can be creative to the max level of your potential. Not only that, you will also be able to design your own layout to meet your lifestyle needs. The design is yours to go crazy with and be completely in control through every aspect of your life.

Digital Planner

Go Digital: Plan Wherever You Go

If you dislike doing things like this manually then go digital! When it comes to digital it all does the same thing such as set tasks and set deadlines. My favourite ones are Google Calendar and Trello.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar – you can sync with your phone and literally plan your whole day by the hour. This way, no time will be wasted ever again. You can also categorize your to-do’s and change color accordingly to what works best for you.



Trello LogoTrello – When it comes to being visually organized, Trello beats everything, at least in my opinion. You can also have different boards for different projects. Within each project, you can set tasks, have a sub to-do’s within the task and you can also set deadlines.  Above that, it also has its own calendar where you can visually see your deadlines.

There is no right or wrong choices but how do you know which one suit your lifestyle best and will allow you to achieve more of your goals? I personally tested out all of the types to see which one I prefer more. After testing everything, I was able to tell which one I preferred and stayed with the same layout ever since.

See something missing from this list? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

How to Choose a Planner that Fits Your Business Needs


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