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How to “Market to Millennials”: What Marketers Get Wrong

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Recently I published a post on titled “Marketing to Millennials: You’re Doing it Wrong”.

I got a lot of feedback about the post, as it seemed to resonate with a lot of millennials (and others). The problem with a lot of these “How to Market to Millennials” posts are that they lump “millennials” all into one category. They base their opinions off of stereotypes instead of actual data. They don’t attempt to actually understand their target demographic.

Excerpt from “Marketing to Millennials: You’re Doing it Wrong”:

These companies acknowledge that we seem to have a handle on social media and influencer culture more than anyone else, yet somehow dismiss any notion that we know anything about marketing (digital or otherwise). They fail to see that the key to marketing to Millennials is examining how we market to ourselves.

Let’s get one thing clear: Millennials, in general, are particularly attentive to and intuitive about digital marketing strategies. We have been subject to them for our entire lives. We know when someone is trying to sell us something.

What TrueToast is all about is giving a voice to millennials who are doing amazing things. They don’t satisfy the “lazy” or “entitled” stereotypes that our generation has been tagged with. Sure, they may enjoy avocado toast from time to time, but they car about much more than that. WE care about more than that.

We are doers, creators, and entrepreneurs. We know how to market ourselves, uphold a personal brand, and network with others. We are making new things, publishing new ideas, and paving a way that is different from the typical college-to-career pipeline. Marketers would do well to pay attention, learn from our passions, and aim to understand.

It is not enough to just paint our generation with one brush. The reality is that we are becoming the new producers, and customers, of this age. If you want your business to stand out against the rest, you must take note. Learn from the minds that understand “marketing to millennials” best: millennials.

Want to share what YOU are doing to break the “lazy millennial” stereotype? Visit our Contribute page to submit a guest post!

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