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Meet Martin Talvari – Myriad Event Founder & Global Entrepreneur [Interview]

Myriad Event Founder Martin Talvari

Martin Talvari has quite an interesting background.

Having traveled to 82 countries and counting, he has been around the world and back growing his global brand and inspiring entrepreneurs far and wide. He has been featured in Forbes, on Tedx, and countless other media platforms. He has grown his business from just an idea to a worldwide movement.

His passion and message are palpable. This year, he is bringing together countless business people and brands to join an event in Australia. Myriad, as it is called, showcases the rising stars in the tech industry and gets them connected with investors and high-flyers from Silicon Valley.

Interview with Martin Talvari, CEO Founder of Myriad — a Technology and Innovation Event

We decided to interview Talvari to dig deeper into his background, and find out more about the mastermind behind this amazing event. The event takes place on May 16th-18th, 2018 at Brisbane Showgrounds, Australia. Visit this page to find out more about the event visit

Martin Talvari - in the Media

TrueToast: Welcome, Martin! We are truly inspired by your message and brand. Do you mind telling our readers what Myriad is all about?

Martin: Myriad is a global media platform, designed to support a series of programs and bleeding-edge research projects, from grassroots and community level, all the way up to experiments in social innovation, business modeling, and the future of policy. In an action-packed, annual three day festival of interactive workshops, product demonstrations, networking events, and keynote presentations, Myriad helps by creating investment opportunities for founders, partnerships for brands, procurements for governments, and jobs for students.

Myriad Logo

TrueToast: What inspired you to start Myriad?

Martin: After traveling to 82 countries over the past four years, learning about culture & hosting tech events in 38 of them, I felt that Australia is one of the best places to combine business with lifestyle. I saw a lot of potential for growth hereThe country is deeply invested in research, sits on a ton of resources, is an emerging startup nation, and has an early adopter mindset that makes it ideally suited for innovation. There’s a wealth of talent and entrepreneurial spirit here.

TrueToast: How did you first get started on organizing the event and gaining funding?

Martin: At the end of my four-year world tour with Slush, I organized a small tech event in Melbourne, initiated by a QLD based entrepreneur who attended Slush a year before that.  He wanted to help me launch something similar in QLD. At that point of time, I was impressed with Australia, so I was eager to hear more. After a few meetings & introductions to the right people, QLD government offered a 3-year partnership for a $2M amount to run Myriad.

Myriad Entrance
Entrance to Myriad event, 2017

TrueToast: How have you been marketing Myriad and what has the response been like?

Martin: We are working closely with the community, for example, every now and then we are hosting Q&A sessions with interesting people from all around the world. We are also running a series of competitions, for university students & the general public to get involved with, to win access tickets to the event.

The applications for media passes to the event have been in huge demand, it’s great to see a lot of interest in the community. Also, special projects like chartering a 747 from Silicon Valley to Australia has seen a lot of publicity.

Myriad Entrepreneurs

TrueToast: What are you hoping the attendees will gain from Myriad?

Martin: Education is key. If an attendee can leave our event learning something new, feeling challenged & most importantly inspired to lead in business; then we have succeeded. We also strive to help accelerate the founder’s journey by connecting them with key people locally and from around the world. We are putting a lot of effort into creating spaces where such connections can happen, from dedicated meeting areas to “toes in the sand” experiences.

“We are at a crossroads.”

TrueToast: What future goals do you have for the event?

Martin: As new trends/discoveries form in the tech world, we look forward to inviting more diverse speakers to our events to address the challenges we are facing. At Myriad we seek conversation at the highest level about the role of technology in the future of Cities, Health, Money, Food, Play, and Work. If we look at the food system as an example – We are at a crossroads, it’s a time of deep uncertainty at every link in the global food chain. Same with the future of money, with the hype surrounding crypto-currency. We have brought in many new speakers who specialize in these topics.

TrueToast: What other projects are you working on at the moment?

Martin: My experience in events doesn’t stop at Myriad, I host events and experiences outside of it. I am passionate about the Future of Food – the fact that the number of malnourished people in the world is rising is unacceptable.

I am hosting an intimate event in California, in September 2018, at Esalen Retreat with keynote speakers to help raise awareness about The Future of Food, as well as actively shift towards making a difference. Also with my background in civil engineering and software development, I look into supporting interesting tech & science projects.

Myriad Stage
Myriad event stage

TrueToast: What words of advice do you have for people that also want to host events at this scale?

Martin: Start small then grow, plan for at least three years ahead. You want to be able to provide the best experience when doing a large scale event, ensuring everyone is happy; from the attendees, stall holders to the volunteers. If you jump straight into a large scale event, with no prior event experience, it can easily overwhelm which will result in a contribution of stress towards the event + forgetfulness of important tasks.

TrueToast: What components have been essential to growing your personal brand?

Martin: I come from a very modest culture so that doesn’t come naturally to me. I’ve come to realize (the obvious) that it’s important to dedicate some time to engage with your audience personally, as it reflects on your business. I’m still learning how much time should I spend on it, but maybe like 10%. Using tools like social media can be great. This is something that I have recently learned to implement. Elon Musk is interesting to follow in this space, I like how his results speak louder than his words.

Myriad Event Speaker
Myriad event speaker and entrepreneur

TrueToast: Do you have any tips for our readers regarding networking and marketing their own personal brands?

“How you portray yourself in the online world will reflect on your business.”

Martin: How you portray yourself in the online world will reflect on your business(es). We live in a time where all of our personal information is easily accessible for employers to view & cast a judgment. My tip would be; to keep your private life private & professionally focus on the value. Let results speak for you. Be a human.

TrueToast: What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

Martin: I am excited & ready to get involved in a positive shift in not only the tech world but the sustainability of the environment too. I feel my role in Myriad; will help towards connecting with the Australian community & encouraging them to get involved too.

To find out more details about the event, visit

Meet Martin Talvari: Global Entrepreneur and Myriad Founder

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