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Millennials, Toast, and How This Magazine Came to Be

TrueToast Magazine Launch Post

It’s November 1st, the official launch date of TrueToast Magazine.

For me, this date represents the start of putting ideas to action, forging new relationships, and representing the amazing things being done by my generation.

To say this project came to be from a little idea would be an understatement. It came to be from a combination of my many passions, grievances, and aspirations. Not only does TrueToast Magazine aim to fill a void that I see being left by other content publishers, it also addresses the very real need for millennials to make their work known and create a better future for themselves.

It’s no secret that millennials are stereotyped as being self-absorbed, lazy, and sensitive. I do not believe this to be the case. I see a vastly diverse group of people that cannot easily be lumped into one category. For simplicity, I use the term “millennial” to show a clear focus of this magazine, but my goal isn’t to speak to all millennials as a collective. TrueToast appeals to certain type of person – someone who aims to start their own business, forge their own pat, build authentic connections, and contribute something to the world. If this is you, then I am happy that you have stumbled into this little corner of the internet called

Like any aspiring entrepreneur, I have witnessed my fair share of naysayers and critics. It is amazing what people come out of the woodwork when you dare to share a new idea. For too long, those voices hindered me from making any real progress. It kept me in my office chair, safe and sound, yet unsettled. I knew I wanted to do more, but I thought that “safety” seemed like the “best” option. This was mostly due to fear of failure, and fear of criticism.

Well, the critics have come and gone, and the failures have made appearances as well. What used to be seen as roadblocks to me are now perceived as motivators. Criticism is a sure sign that you are ruffling feathers, and failures show that you are trying something you have never done before. Both are things that I strive for.

Knowing that my sole purpose with this magazine is to provide value to aspiring entrepreneurs, I can’t imagine there being an ultimate “failure”. I have an amazing community of creatives and contributors that are invested in this dream and provide value daily. I have already seen the results TrueToast has brought in for young business owners who are just trying to get their name out there and make a difference.

So yes, though the stereotype about millennials and toast may hold true some of the time, we are much more than that. We create our own stories- we are our own ‘bread and butter’, if you will. We are doing absolutely amazing things. Thank you all for allowing me to be part of it, and supporting TrueToast Magazine in its journey to provide True Stories and Real Advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs, makers, and creatives of our generation.

Have questions about TrueToast Magazine and our mission? Please check out our About Page, and leave your questions in the comments below.

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