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7 Inspirational Quotes to Start 2018 Off Right

New Year 2018 Quotes

If you’re anything like me, you have found yourself thinking that New Year’s resolutions don’t always last. You’re going to be more organized. Be more creative. Write more. Keep track of your ideas. Get inspired. And then, you reach mid-February and you come to realize that much of your well-intended resolutions have gone out the window.

What’s the Deal with New Year’s Resolutions?

So, maybe there’s a different tactic to take here. Yes, that’s right — you don’t have to make resolutions! But, what can you do instead? You can subscribe to some inspiring philosophies that can be applied across the board — meaning, that you can, as the saying goes, get “new leases” on life, both within your business world and your personal life.

Inspirational Quotes to Start the New Year Off Right

We’ve put together a few inspirational quotes to help get you started on what can very well evolve into such “new leases.” While I’m certain that many of us have heard the quotes below, have you ever thought about how you can apply them to your life? Have you implemented their messages into your work and your dealings with others? Have you truly taken them apart and searched for their true meaning and relevance to your own situations?

New Year Inspiration Quote

Yes, that’s all it takes, because sometimes, the accomplishment is trying something that you’ve never tried before. You can’t go any further than you are right now without trying. Without trying, ideas for a new business remain in a journal somewhere (that’s not to say you need to try every single one — just try one!).

Try a new freelance writing or graphic design gig. Try writing or designing something you’ve never written or designed before. And to add a confession to this post: I’ve never written about inspirational quotes before, but I decided to try!

New Year Inspiring Quotes

You can’t do great things if you do the same thing you’ve always done. Or, if you do the same things and subscribe to the same philosophies as the entrepreneur standing next to you. That’s not to say that your colleagues or members of your network subscribe to bad philosophies and ideologies, and that you shouldn’t take the best of their actions and model them. But, model them in your own way. Don’t be afraid to exceed expectations and go against the status quo.

If you’re in a 9-5 job that promotes mediocrity, exceed that expectation without fear of reprisal. If you’re an entrepreneur, absolutely collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs — “doing better” does not mean striving to compete with those who are like you. It means not being afraid to show that your product or service is better — or more importantly, different — if it is.

Best Quotes for the New Year

Losing hope in yourself and in your ideas never leads to anything that’s positive. Without hope, you develop crippling self-doubt, and you start what –iffing.

What if I fail? What if I disappoint everyone I love? What if this concept just doesn’t work and there’s no call for it? What if I never have enough money at one time to continue to make this work?

There’s nothing wrong with the later discovery that your concept just doesn’t work, you have lost the spark, the money runs out, etc. But even if any of those situations presents themselves, never lose hope. Because it will be that much more difficult to pick yourself back up and on your feet again if you do. You’ll be doing a great disservice to YOU.

'Magic is Something You Make' Quote

Don’t be afraid of your ability to create your own, unique brand of magic. I’m not only talking about “personal brand” here, either. I’m also talking about the way you work and the way in which you treat and help others. I speak from experience in that I say that many of us are our own harshest critics. And those of us who live with that type of mindset don’t give ourselves enough credit.

My best friend tells me that there’s a whole lot to more to me than what’s on the outside — and brings out that affirmation when I underestimate myself. Bring that magic to your business and to the rest of your life, because it’s yours and yours alone.

'Be Brave, Be Bold' Quote

In order to be successful, you must be different. And all that is necessary to be different is that you continue to always be yourself. It’s not always easy in every situation. As an entrepreneur or a freelancer or even as a worker in a 9-5 job, you have been, and will continue to be, faced with difficult decisions that will require you to be unapologetically bold and true to yourself and your own set of ethics. Make 2018 the year in which you fail to waver.

'Sleep Less and Dream More'

Important side note: many of these quotes are not meant to be taken literally — they are often meant as metaphors. Case in point: this quote. It’s very important to get enough sleep, and it’s especially essential when you’re so busy that you’re trying to avoid burnout, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer or someone in a 9-5 job.

What this quote is designed to get you to do is to be present, and not be mentally asleep to the point that you don’t allow your dreams and greatest desires, in business and life, to become reality. Don’t spend the new year dormant. As many people younger than me like to say, “stay woke.”

Inspiring 2018 Quotes

I have a particularly difficult time with failure, and almost wondered if I should be including this quote in this little round-up. But it has been recently pointed out to me that while I have a difficult time with failure, it may take some time but I’m never afraid to try again. Trying again doesn’t necessarily mean pouring your energy into the same project that you’ve failed at. It can also mean to guide your passions elsewhere. It can mean looking for what it is that makes you happy. Most importantly, it means to never give up on yourself, even in the face of failure, because you’re going to fail again. And then you’re going to try again. To bring these quotes full circle, every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Even if that means trying again, for the tenth time.

What’s your favorite inspirational quote that keeps you motivated? Let us know in the comments below!

7 New Year Quotes

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  1. What a great paradigm shift! It is about time we looked at a different way to begin the new year. I have been trying to shake it up the last couple of years. This is a great new way! Thank you!

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