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TrueToast Magazine Photography

We at TrueToast Magazine know that high quality photography is an important part of our readers’ experience.

A Commitment to High-Quality Photography

In order to provide the best quality photos, TrueToast supports up-and-coming millennial photographers. We actively search for young photographers that are doing great work, yet are not receiving the recognition they deserve. We work with them directly to curate photos that fit in with TrueToast Magazine’s style and mission. They also have the freedom to find their own inspiration and contribute ideas.

Meet Our Photographers

TrueToast Magazine has a small team of paid photographers who provide images for our site. All photographers are millennial creatives themselves, and we are happy to support them!

Though we are no longer hiring at this time, keep checking in to see if we are looking to hire photographers for future projects.

Jessica Wood– Lifestyle, Family, and Portrait Photographer

Jessica Wood Lifestyle Photographer Portrait
Credit: Jessica Wood

“I strive for organic moments, beautiful lighting, and real emotions to shine through my work.”

Jessica Wood is a Lifestyle, Portrait, and Still-Life photographer from Seattle, Washington. Jessica stood out to us because of her nostalgic style and passion for capturing authentic moments. She is a self-proclaimed “chaser of light and cityscapes”. You can see her work featured on pages on our website, in articles, and in marketing materials.

If you are interested in hiring Jessica Wood for a remote project, or are a local to Seattle, please visit her website at You can also follow her on Instagram @JessicaWoodPhotos.

Angelina Atkinson– Freestyle Photographer

Angelina Atkinson Photo Still Life

Angelina Atkinson was born and raised on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. She attended a local college where she received her diploma in Criminal Justice.

Photography has always been something that has interested her as a hobby, giving her the freedom to capture and create what others may not see.

Giving Credit Where It’s Due

In addition to the photography we get from our paid photographers, we also occasionally access stock photography sites. These images are used in the case that a reader-contributed Guest Post does not have its own photography. All stock photography that we use, to the best of our knowledge, is royalty-free and does not infringe on copyright laws. Even so, we are sure to credit the photographer in each image used.

In the chance that a Guest Poster includes their own personal photography, we are sure to credit them as well. This is noted in the caption of the image.

For more questions about stock photos, please feel free to Contact Us.

Want to Submit Your Own Photography?

Contribute Your Photos
Photo: Sergey Zolkin

At present, we are no longer hiring for paid photographer positions. However, if you would like to submit your own photos to be used on our website for free, please follow the steps below.

How to Submit Photography to TrueToast Magazine

Step 1: Complete This Form: Contribute Your Photos

The above form helps us learn more about you as a photographer, and why you are interested in contributing your photos to TrueToast Magazine. Please fill it out as completely as possible and we will get back to you!

Step 2: Receive Follow-Up from Our Team

Once we receive your form submission, we will reach out to you via e-mail to discuss details. We will outline the next steps needed to submit your photos and receive credit on our website.

Step 3: Submit Your Photos

In the follow-up e-mail we will include details on how to submit your photos to us. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions during this process by e-mailing us at

Thank You for Supporting TrueToast Magazine Photography!

We appreciate your on-going support of TrueToast Magazine and our photographers. If you have opted to submit your own photography, we look forward to working with you! Please visit us on Instagram @thetruetoast to see even more photos from readers and our team.